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Gazit Globe's strategic priorities are centered on three broad principles designed to create shareholder value: Quality, excellence and growth. We generate sustainable increase in cash-flow and deliver consistent long-term value to our shareholders by acquiring high-quality assets and insisting on professional excellence, proactive management and continuous improvement. Our strict adherence to key business principles and a deep understanding of the global and local real estate markets contribute to our ability to consistently identify and develop quality assets that generate cash-flow. Through constantly adapting to the ever-changing trends of commercial and retail properties, Gazit Globe developed an entrepreneurial stance that has enabled it to continue growing while maintaining strong financial positions that further its growth and augment its returns. Gazit Globe is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE:GZT), The Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX: GZT) and the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE:GZT) and is Included in the TA-35 Index in Israel.