Through constantly adapting to the ever-changing trends of commercial and retail properties, Gazit Globe developed an entrepreneurial stance that has enabled it to continue growing while maintaining strong financial positions that further its growth and augment its returns. As urban growth increases, consumer spending habits are changing and more retail stores are becoming showrooms. Having retail stores in an urban location is now more vital than ever before. Today, through continuing to acquire and develop high-quality assets in urban markets, Gazit Globe owns over 400 properties, has over $20 billion of assets under management, and annual revenue of $1.7 billion. In the field of supermarket-anchored shopping centers, Gazit Globe has gone from owning one asset to having a global portfolio that is characterized as being: #1 in Canada, #1 in the US, #1 in Finland, #1 in Poland, #2 in Sweden, #2 in Norway and among the top players in Israel and in the city of Sao Paolo, Brazil.


Growth Strategy